Soulja Boy Is Now Beefing With His Own Family And Accusing Them Of Using Him For Money

When the hip-hop historians comb through this part of the past, it’s likely that 2017 will go down as the year of desperation. Everywhere you look you see people lashing out, whether it’s over a fear of a Trump planet or fear of being forgotten. On that last bit, we’ve seen Remy Ma adequately rap her way back into the conversation for a few weeks and Soulja Boy put his name back in people’s minds by picking a fight with a pop R&B hothead. But this right here is the nadir, this is Larry Holmes smacking around Butterbean to get back in the papers. Soulja Boy is now beefing with his own family.

In a since-deleted series of tweets captured by The Shade Room, Soulja called his mother a crackhead and accused his brother of using his name to be relevant. Apparently, an appreciation of irony isn’t needed if you made a dance that people liked a decade ago. Silento, take notes.

“If you gave ur mom a $100,000 and she spent it in a week you would be mad too,” he wrote, before saying that he was going to smack his brother if he saw him.

In Soulja’s defense, his brother did release a diss song called “Overdue.”

While that fight with Chris Brown will never happen, Soulja has promised some kind of resolution. He says he’s going to give an interview that will clear the air.