Soulja Boy Dumps Floyd Mayweather As He Announces He’s Fighting Chris Brown In March

Soulja Boy is either really hurting for cash or he really hates Chris Brown with a burning passion. Big Draco just announced that his boxing match is no longer being promoted by Floyd Mayweather because they’re not moving quick enough to get the fight going.

Soulja Boy took to Twitter and voiced his displeasure working with Money May while also revealing the big Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown bout is going down this March. Soulja said he’s taking matters into his own hands and paying for everything. Fans interested in attending the match can start sending him their money now because he’s already selling tickets for the disorganized event. Sounds like a scam to me, but whatever! “I’m throwing the fight. These n****s taking too long. F*ck this sh*t. You need tickets hit me. I’m running the show,” a highly frustrated Soulja tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

The celebrity boxing match was originally going to be a Floyd Mayweather Promotion with the boxer also training Soulja Boy to kick Breezy’s ass. But not anymore, apparently. “I’m renting the venue. I’m setting the date. I’m selling the tickets. This will be a Soulja Boy Promotion. The fight will go down in March.”

Now because BET no longer has a talk show or 106 and Park as a platform, someone needs to promote this f*ckery to a national audience who couldn’t care less. That’s where Jimmy Kimmel Live apparently steps in. Soulja Boy says he’ll be heading to Kimmel to speak about the bout, adding to his earlier tweets, “I will give an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the upcoming Fight, And my new Tour, and TV Show update.”

With Floyd Mayweather out, I’m not sure if this thing is even happening anymore despite Draco’s claims. And that sucks because I was really looking forward to those guys f*cking each other up.