Soulja Boy Trades Threats With Famous Dex On Instagram Live, Calling Him A ‘Foaming-At-The-Mouth Junkie’

Fresh off an outrageous and meme-worthy interview with The Breakfast Club where he claimed credit for both Kanye West and Drake’s career success, Soulja Boy is already back stirring up buzz online. Rather than using his fresh, new 15 minutes of fame to release new music or announce a tour, he instead turned an Instagram Live session into a screaming matching with Soundcloud star Famous Dex, complete with threats of violence and both rappers losing articles of clothing.

Right around the 8:40 mark of the video above, Famous Dex decides to break into Soulja Boy’s chat midstream after Soulja Boy says “Famous Sex, you better watch your f*cking mouth too” in response to Dex’s replies in the comments. Clearly already irate, Dex jumps into the session already yelling and making threats while Soulja Boy blusters and calls him a “junkie, foaming out the side of your mouth,” claiming that Dex left “100 X pills on the ground” during a recent visit to Soulja’s house to discuss business. Meanwhile as the pair traded threats, Dex returned the insult, asserting that Soulja Boy was “on coke” as the older rapper took off his coat and lifted up his shirt to show off his tattoos.

Right before Dex departs the chat, Soulja invites him to “pull up” and tells Dex, “Put your hands on me like you did your girl, I’ll beat your ass.” Dex was infamously caught on security footage punching his girlfriend in an apartment building hallway 2016, an event he and his management have worked hard to try to bury.

Meanwhile, Soulja slips gracefully back into his coat after the shouting match and guzzles a soda while offering a few parting shots. All things considered, he’d probably be better served using the attention he’s gained to record and release new music to remind hip-hop of his influential legacy.