Soulja Boy’s Home Was Burglarized And Ransacked For Money And Jewels

Getty Image

Soulja Boy has had an eventful string of weeks and the trend doesn’t appear to be losing steam anytime soon. The latest incident with his name attached is news that the rapper’s home was burglarized on Tuesday.

TMZ reports that a source in law enforcement provided the tip that SB’s Hollywood Hills home was broken into earlier this week. Apparently the thieves kicked in the front door and ransacked the place, leaving with $10k in cash and $12k in jewelry.

The report comes as the “Crank Dat” rapper prepares to enter the boxing ring to square off with singer Chris Brown with the event supposedly set to air on pay-per-view. Soulja’s been training with heavyweight boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. while Brown’s been working with former champ Mike Tyson. The fight will be the culminating event in a war of words the two entertainers have been engaged in via social media over the past few weeks, for reasons no one really knows to be honest.

Thankfully, Soulja Boy wasn’t home at the time of the robbery and that’s good because, not to make light of the situation, but that could have ultimately lead to a sequel to the #SouljaBoyChallenge. Nobody needs more of that in their lives right now.