Soundcloud’s Debut ‘Next Wave’ Doc Is About Dirtbag, Self-Described ‘Loser’ LA Rappers

07.20.17 7 months ago

Whether or not you truly believe that Chance The Rapper has actually saved Soundcloud, things are definitely happening. Although the streaming platform was previously believed to only have enough money to stay afloat for two months, that’s apparently not a problem anymore, although nobody is sure why yet. Whatever the case, the site’s first major move since the Chance The Rapper proclamation is the announcement of Next Wave, a documentary series that promises to journey “across six global cities in six months to explore communities of emerging scenes” that are thriving thanks to Soundcloud.

The series is set to premiere on July 20th, and that’s today, so now the first episode is up. It’s called “Degenerate Generation,” and it focuses on Los Angeles-area rappers Pouya, Fat Nick, and Lil Tracy. In the five-minute clip, the self-described “losers” say they’re able to succeed because of LA’s accepting nature.

“They’re open-minded here, more so than other cities,” Pouya said. “There’s all types of rappers and musicians here, and everyone’s just trying to get it.” He also added that the internet is also a huge reason why artists like him are able to have a career: “The internet really made all of us who we are today, because it gave us an outlet to show kids our music.”

Watch the first episode of Next Wave above.

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