These Speakers Will Literally Spit Fire When You Play Music Out Of Them

Ever catch yourself wondering “How many fire emoji do I need to describe this crazy song?” or “How much fire is too much for this party to turn up?” Fear not. The guys at Sound Torch have solved that age-old human dilemma by building speakers that spit flames. They set the party on fire, so you don’t have to!

This is how the FADER describes the infernos that will jump out of your sound waves:

Now some clever entrepreneurs—Markus Buch, Matt Ward, and Christian Fisker—are hoping to bring that characterization to life with what they’re calling the Sound Torch: a speaker system that syncs real live flames to whatever song you feel like playing. “WE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE PARTIES KICK ASS.”

The Denmark inventors will need a little Kickstarter help to launch the coolest fire hazard ever created. They’re only releasing 100 speakers in their first launch, so line up.

Or we could just wait for Drake to buy every last one to play “Started from the Bottom” on a perpetual loop.

(Via the FADER)