South Park Takes Thinly Veiled Shots At Tyler The Creator & LA Noire, I Think


When I watched last night’s episode of South Park, I couldn’t figure out if Trey Parker and Matt Stone were trying to make a statement that the music the kids, specifically the “tweens,” are listening to today is crap, or if those who don’t like it and condemn it are just a bunch of cynical old dicks. But that’s what’s the South Park guys do when they’re on their game: They make biting cultural commentary that is often subtle despite being sort of in your face, and they make you think.

So last night I found myself thinking, “Am I an old dick for not really getting some of this new stuff, or am I pathetic for even trying to ‘get it.'”

With all of that, depending on your point of view I suppose, Parker and Stone appeared to be rip into Tyler, the Creator a bit, as a poster of him could be clearly seen hanging on Stan’s bedroom wall while Randy listened to some of “tween wave” collection — music that essentially amounted to a loop of beats with violent fart noises mixed in. It’s was kind of hilarious.

And surprisingly, rather than launching into a Twitter rage, Tyler appeared flattered by the shout out…

Here are a couple the best clips from last night’s show that I think sum it all up pretty well. You can watch the whole thing here.





And just for good measure, they also got in a shot at LA Noire!

Oh, and speaking of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, you can listen to the entire “Book of Mormon” soundtrack if you “like” the show’s Facebook page. Trust me, just do it.

(HT: Hipster Runoff)

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