Speedy Ortiz Covered An Unfortunately Relevant TV On The Radio Song To Support Planned Parenthood

It may seem like Donald Trump is stumbling in everything he tries to do. But on the rollback of protections for women and his attack on services like Planned Parenthood, he’s actually been quite effective. He pulled the most destructive man-behind-the-curtain move imaginable earlier this month, so Planned Parenthood supporters are doing everything in their power to raise funds and fight back. One such fundraising initiative is Cover Your Ass Vol. 1, a compilation of indie bands performing cover songs that will help raise money for the endangered institution. Speedy Ortiz gave us the first taste of the new album with their take on TV On The Radio’s unfortunately relevant again Bush 2-era freakout “Young Liars.”

“‘Young Liars’ is poetic and lovely, but also rife with the American shame and sneering political skepticism that marked the best of W. Bush-era post-punk,” the group told Consequence of Sound. “So the song has a renewed resonance considering the fearful dystopian anticipation our current administration’s ‘marked down freedom’ has generated in so many of us.” Listen to it up top and check out the full tracklist for Cover below.

1. Deerhoof – “Fight the Power”(Public Enemy Cover)
2. Hinds – “When It Comes to You” (Dead Ghosts Cover)
3. Cut Worms – “Truly Julie’s Blues” (Bob Lind Cover)
4. The Lemon Twigs – “White Flag” (Dido Cover)
5. Daddy Issues – “Boys of Summer” (Don Henley Cover)
6. Speedy Ortiz – Young Liars (TV on the Radio Cover)
7. Palehound – “Miss Independent” (Kelly Clarkson Cover)
8. The Quilz – “Girl U Want” (Devo Cover)
9. Cass McCombs Band – “Yes We Can Can” (Pointer Sisters Cover)
10. Porches – “Morpha Too” (Big Star Cover)
11. (Sandy) Alex G – “Druglord Landlord” (Cold Foamers Cover)
12. TEEN – “Boys Keep Swinging” (David Bowie Cover)
13. Luke Temple – “Duchess” (Scott Walker Cover)

Cover is out May 26 via Lionfish. For more, read our interviews with Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis and Daddy Issues.