Spillage Village Commune With Nature In Their Worshipful ‘Hapi’ Video

Spillage Village commune with nature for a spell in their worshipful video for “Hapi” from their new album Spilligion. As the group’s members Benji., Mereba, and Olu ruminate on spirituality and the day-to-day struggles of life alongside Dungeon Family poet Big Rube, a congregation meets to listen to a sermon in the woods, a group of little boys plays, and a family shares a meal.

Spilligion, which the group released last Friday, finds the group as a whole reflecting on the current state of the world; pandemics, civil unrest, racism, and violence, but also on hope, faith, family, friends, and perseverance through the hard times and how our common goals should connect us. They similarly elaborated on such themes throughout their previous singles “End Of Daze” and “Baptize,” both of which have videos filled with quasi-religious imagery as well.

Throughout the album, the group employs the gamut of American musical tradition — including folk, jazz, and gospel — to spell out this interconnectedness and highlight how powerfully history can resonate on the present. After standing out on Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers III compilation, Spillage Village is set to become a breakout crew on their own, even as individual members 6lack and JID look forward to possible solo releases later this year.

Watch Spillage Village’s ‘Hapi’ video featuring Benji., Mereba, Olu, and Big Rube above.

Spilligion is out now on Dreamville / Spillage Village. You can listen to it here.