Real Spoon Shows Up To Spoon Cover Band’s Show

On Friday, indie-rock mainstays Spoon played a show at the State Theatre in Portland, Maine. Later, a Spoon cover band was having an aftershow to celebrate, which seems like a reasonably nice way to end an evening for Spoon lovers who can tolerate hearing adequate versions of the songs they love. However, the good times did not end there, because Spoon themselves showed up to play some songs with the cover band.

Britt Daniel and company commandeered the show to play a couple of their tunes, which is pretty awesome of them, being that the venue was fairly small, and also, you know, they had just performed a full show earlier that evening. They were also playing on the cover band’s instruments, which probably means that they didn’t quite sound as good as they do, generally speaking. That’s probably not important, though. Spoon showed up to a Spoon afterparty, presumably making everybody’s night.

(Via Pitchfork)

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