Spoon’s Video For ‘Do I Have To Talk You Into It’ Is A Photoshop Fever Dream

Photoshop is an important tool that’s used every day to help photographers and graphic designers get the most out of their images. Sometimes, it causes controversy, and sometimes, people just make hilarious memes. The point is that users of the image editing software are everywhere, and Spoon has decided to tap into this musically underserved demographic with their new video for “Do I Have To Talk You Into It.”

“We did the research, and it turns out 80 percent of our fan base is composed of graphic designers,”singer Britt Daniel says in a statement. “This one’s for y’all.”

The video, directed by Brook Linder, shows a screen capture of a Photoshop editing session of some photos of Daniel. Things start off innocently enough with some light airbrushing, color correction, and basic things like that before Daniel gets his face digitally mangled. Daniel gets his skin taken off, his face removed, and transformed into a wolf before getting erased entirely. Maybe the video is a statement about unrealistic physical standards that overly-processed images can create, or maybe it’s just a silly clip in which a guy’s face is made to look weird.

Watch the video for “Do I Have To Talk You Into It” above, and head here to revisit our exploration of Spoon’s uncommon consistency.