Spotify Party Strives To Replace Human DJs By Making Mixing Incredibly Easy

12.16.15 3 years ago


While Spotify is one of the major players in the music streaming industry (although even they aren’t above getting frozen out by Adele), they refuse to ever rest on their laurels, repeatedly introducing new features to try and add some bells and whistles in order to make them stand out from the competition. Spotify Discover has been a solid addition, but now they are trying to help you drop fat beats and get down and funky. Say hello to Spotify Party.

As the name indicates, Spotify Party is designed to help you with your music selection for your hypothetical parties, essentially acting as an ersatz DJ. The tool provides you with playlists curated by Spotify employees for your usage. The playlists are also beat-matched, to try and make transitions between songs smooth.

You are not completely beholden to your Spotify overlords, though. There is an adjustable mood slider, which you can tweak to tailor the playlist to help it better match the mood of your party. Hopefully you will only be adjusting it from “happy” to “super happy.” If you have to turn it to “sad,” then your party is in trouble. Also, the music isn’t going to make things any better, so why did you adjust the mood slider down to “sad” you madman? Oh, and Spotify Party may not actually let you select “sad” as an option. This is all hypothetical. You can also edit the playlists by adding and removing songs, or changing song order.

In short, Spotify Party takes Homer Simpson’s slogan when he ran for sanitation commissioner, “Can’t someone else do it?” and transposes it into the world of music. This may be designed to solve a problem nobody really has, but, on the other hand, you may hear some cool music and, who knows, maybe it will help keep your party’s energy where you want it to be.

(Via Mashable)

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