St. Vincent Deadpans That Her Romantic Songs Are About John Mayer In A ‘Vogue’ Interview

09.21.17 7 months ago

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It’s not often that indie rock stars become Hollywood paparazzi targets, but it’s possible, especially when somebody as diversely talented, fashion-forward, and uniquely attractive as St. Vincent finds herself romantically involved with figures like Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart. So now, given her high-profile relationship history, seeing a song called “Young Lover” on the tracklist of her upcoming album Masseduction becomes a lot more interesting.

Could it be about Delevingne or Stewart? Maybe it’s about somebody else we don’t know about? Does Annie Clark even care what we think about that stuff? In a recent interview with Vogue, “no” was the answer to the latter question, followed by a funny joke about another musician known for celebrity romances:

“Songs are Rorschach tests anyway. They say more about you than the person who made them. All my songs are about John Mayer.”

Clark also calls her fashion aesthetic in promotion of Masseduction “more overtly sexy than anything I’ve done,” and she wouldn’t give a straight answer about the owner of the leopard-print thong-wearing rear end featured on the album cover: When asked if it’s her, the response was, “I’ll never tell.”

Read the rest of the interview here, and learn more about Masseductionhere.

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