St. Vincent Finally Confirms Whose Ass Graced The ‘Masseduction’ Album Cover

10.26.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

Like all good art should, St. Vincent’s new album Masseduction prompted a lot of questions, and now, one of those uncertainties has been resolved: We officially know whose ass is so prominently featured on the album cover. When asked previously if it was her own, she said, “I’ll never tell,” but in a recent Instagram post showing off a new shirt with a cutout of the figure from the album art, Annie Clark thanks artist and model Carlotta Kohl “for use of her wonderful ass.”

Before this, there were actually several signs that the fanny in question, which has been tattooed on at least one person, was Kohl’s and not Clark’s. For one, the publicity photo below shows a person in the same outfit and in the same bent-over pose standing next to Clark. Secondly, Kohl posted the album art on her Instagram back in September and wrote, “St. Vincent borrowed my backside for her new album.”

Now, the mystery that never really was has been solved. What still remains to be seen, though, is who the love songs on Masseduction are about, because when asked, Clark joked, “Songs are Rorschach tests anyway. They say more about you than the person who made them. All my songs are about John Mayer.”

Revisit our review of Masseduction here, and stream the album here.

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