St. Vincent Transformed Her Song ‘Slow Disco’ Into An Elegiac Piano Ballad Called ‘Slow Slow Disco’


The greatest artists are rarely ever satisfied with their finished work. There’s always a new angle to explore, a small blemish to tweak, or a different approach they’d like to bring to a project long after its entered the public space. Such is the case for St. Vincent. One of the best songs from the indie rocker’s latest album Masseduction is the penultimate track “Slow Disco.” Now, nearly a full year after it debuted, she’s shared a re-worked version called “Slow Slow Disco.”

“Slow Slow Disco” is an elegiac piano ballad, simmering with pent-up emotions that burst out every time Annie Clark breaks into falsetto. As she explained on Twitter, he reason for returning to this song was pretty simple. “Songs are living things,” she wrote. “They grow, they evolve, they change their moods and personalities over time.”

Of course, as many St. Vincent fans know, this is actually the third time that Clark has returned to “Slow Disco.” Several months back she shared a decidedly up-tempo version of the song titled “Fast Slow Disco,” along with a video that captured her dancing along with the track in a sweaty nightclub.

You can watch both “Slow Slow Disco” and “Fast Slow Disco” above, and compare both to the original track below.