St. Vincent Is The Coolest Person In The Room Even At NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

For most, an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts is an exercise in performing on someone else’s territory. It gets the artist out of their comfort zone, playing in a physically small space with a stripped-down setup, creating without any safety net. But when St. Vincent is in a room, you are still in her world, no matter the location. Stopping by to play on Tiny Desk, her inspired confidence turned an office where hundreds have performed before into a St. Vincent concert. In short, she owns any space she steps foot in and instantly becomes the coolest person in the room.

For her NPR Tiny Desk Concert, she offers up a trio of songs from last year’s excellent MASSEDUCTION: “New York,” “Los Ageless,” and “Slow Disco.” It’s not the first time she’s gone acoustic in supporting this record, and in that there is an assured bravado that begins with her French spy getup and extends to her hilarious between-tune banter. And, of course, the session sounds great, as the songs are pristine without coming across as antiseptic, with the performer as adept at inserting an emotional tenor to her performance as she is a technical master.

Check out St. Vincent’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert above, and look for MASSEDUCTION, currently available via Loma Vista Recordings.