St. Vincent Shows Off Her Pearl Jam Fandom With Her Intimate Acoustic Cover Of ‘Tremor Christ’

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“Tremor Christ” warm up in Asheville.

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St. Vincent has been on a cover song tear as of late. One moment, she’s posting a behind-the-scenes impromptu take on Sleater-Kinney’s “Modern Girl,” the next she’s reinterpreting Rihanna for a studio session. And, it makes sense, as she has been on a tour that requires her to play the same majestic show nightly, and the artist’s creative impulses to put something new into the world is just too much to hold back.

Well, the urge has struck again, as St. Vincent has shared on Instagram an abbreviated take on Pearl Jam’s “Tremor Christ,” from what this writer considers their best album, 1994’s Vitalogy. St. Vincent had previously admitted to being a Pearl Jam obsessive, and the song choice proves it, as this is a pretty deep cut that the band themselves rarely performs anymore. St. Vinny’s take is faithful to the original, adding a little bit of her own guitar flair to the stripped-down take of a song that typically features crunchy guitars and a wailing Eddie Vedder. Instead, we get the intimacy of Annie Clark enjoying a calm moment to herself, playing the music of her youth, and sharing it with a new generation.

Check out the clip of St. Vincent covering Pearl Jam’s “Tremor Christ” above.