St. Vincent’s ‘Pills’ Video Paints A Horrifying Image Of Drug Use With Deranged Mannequins

Deputy Music Editor

“Housewives on pills,” is how St. Vincent described her own third LP, 2011’s Strange Mercy. And though that idea was underscored in that album’s “Cruel” video, it’s a concept that has never completely left her work, even popping up in the choreography when she performed for David Lynch’s Festival Of Disruption in 2016.

For her newest video from her excellent recent album MASSEDUCTION, again she is exploring the idea of drugged housewives. It’s a fitting, almost on-the-nose interpretation of a song called “Pills,” but one that St. Vincent infuses with vivid, sly imagery. The choreography here is mixed with shots of the dancers as mannequins, with an almost robotic movement to the way their dance moves are projected. Directed by Philippa Price, the clip manages to be both haunting and humorous, using sets that are equally nostalgic and futuristic to craft a unique and memorable vision. But when the video settles into itself and begins to reveal its secrets, there are moments that are actually quite horrifying. Particularly on a day when we’re really seeing how terrible drug abuse can be, St. Vincent’s video doesn’t pull any punches.

The video premiered today via TIDAL, but if you don’t have a membership to the service, you can still watch it here.

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