St. Vincent Shares An Intimate Live Video Of Her ‘Savior’ Piano Rendition

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Last week, St. Vincent announced that she would be releasing an alternate version of her 2017 album Masseduction, titled MassEducation. She didn’t waste any time dropping it, either, as the album, which features piano-driven version of Masseduction songs, was released today. Before she announced the record, though, she performed an intimate show at the Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, where she and pianist Thomas Bartlett played the songs as they would appear on Masseducation.

To celebrate the release of the re-imagined record, St. Vincent has shared a video of her performance of “Savior” from that concert. As expected, it’s a simple performance, although Bartlett’s style of playing is interesting, which involves him both using the piano keys and plucking piano strings by hand. All the while, St. Vincent puts on an emotive and raw performance, proving that her songs deserve the reinterpretations she’s given them.

She previously wrote about the straightforward process of making of the new record, writing in a letter, “Thomas Bartlett and I performed these songs over two days in a studio in midtown Manhattan, August 2017. We neither rehearsed nor spoke about how to approach any song, but rather played 2-3 live takes, picked the best one, and trusted the spirit of the moment. It was fast. Intuitive. Discovered. Raw.”

Watch the video for “Savior” above, and read our review of this very concert here.

MassEducation is out now via Loma Vista Recordings. Get it here.

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