St. Vincent’s Annie Clark Helped Create A Guitar For Women Rockers Everywhere

02.15.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

St. Vincent’s Annie Clark has spent more than a decade absolutely shredding on every song she lands on. Even more amazingly, she did all that while feeling distinctly uncomfortable with guitars that weren’t designed for her. So, armed with some heavy resolve and knowhow, the musician decided to combat the problem by designing a line of guitars specifically made to match women’s bodies.

In an interview with Guitar World, Clark explained her reasoning behind designing her signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar.

“For me a guitar that is not too heavy is really important because I’m not a very big person…I’m not a very big person. I can’t even play a Sixties Strat or Seventies Les Paul. I would need to travel with a chiropractor on tour in order to play those guitars.”

St. Vincent debuted the guitar while joining Taylor Swift’s massive squad at the Staples Center. Check it out in action below:

As you can see, the guitar is uniquely designed for small-framed women. The curved body of the guitar gives — in the words of Clark — “room for a breast or two.”

The guitar will be released in March and can be pre-ordered now. For more of St. Vincent being great, listen to her creating a mixtape for an 11-year-old girl on her Beats 1 Radio show.

(Via Nerdist)

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