Stance Released Three Pairs Of Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ Socks Just In Time For Halloween

One thing is clear, Stance has had the socks game on lock for years with their comfy brand of luxury footwear to keep you cozy 24/7 365. They’ve got you covered in the world of sports and music, and even Rihanna is part of the Stance family. They have commemorative socks for every occasion and they’re continuing to add to their diverse array of socks, this time releasing a special set of Michael Jackson “Thriller” socks just in time for Halloween.

“The collection pays tribute to all three of Jackson’s looks during the short film – the artist in his unforgettable red leather jacket, the zombie featured in the unforgettable dance sequence, and the werewolf,” Stance said in a press release. The special edition Thriller 3 Pack includes those three socks in a unique box, embossed with the iconic “Thriller” logo. The socks can also be purchased separately, with Zombie Michael as one pair, and a mismatched human Michael with the trademark leather jacket for one foot and werewolf Michael for the other foot.

The set is an absolute must have for any Michael Jackson fan out there who wants to flaunt their fandom in every way possible. The special edition Thriller 3 Pack can be purchased for 55 bucks here and the socks can be purchased separately for $18 on Stance’s website and select retailers globally.