Star Wars ‘Call Me Maybe’ Finally Gives The Prequels A Reason To Exist

We apologize in advance for posting another “Call Me Maybe” parody, but this is a special case. James Covenant has edited together an amazing amount of Star Wars footage, and perfectly synched, with a great ending. This Star Wars “Call Me Maybe” may also mark the first time we’ve glanced at YouTube comments and seen nothing but grammatically correct praise of someone’s hard work. The force is strong yadda yadda you know the reference.

This version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” might even exceed the Cookie Monster version. Besides numerous image parodies like the one above, this earworm of a song has also inspired covers incorporating an unenthusiastic gorilla, a singing corgi, death metal, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, the Harvard Crimson, fun., Tom Brady, and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. We get it. It’s catchy. Thankfully, sites like Unhear It exist to clear our heads.

If nothing else, we have to commend the Star Wars “Call Me Maybe” cover below for finally doing something useful with those hours of prequel footage akin to a bag of rock salt.

So it turns out there was only one utterance of the phrase “met you” in all six movies, and it was Natalie Portman being adorable. We can live with that.

(H/T: TheDailyWhat and Quickmeme)