Catch Up On ‘Star Wars’ Before ‘The Force Awakens’ With This Musical Recap

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens drops on December 18 — had you heard? — and the film picks up on a storyline that ended more than 32 years ago. That’s a long time to remember plot threads, especially if you were doing more meaningful things with your time (like watching Star Trek). It’s cutting it a little close now to try and watch all 6+ hours of the Original Trilogy, but YouTubers “The Warp Zone” have your back. They recapped the entire original trilogy in a song that clocks in at just about four minutes.

That’s all pretty impressive, but just imagine how hard it would have been if there were more than three Star Wars movies? Hmm.

For more Star Wars goodness to help prepare you for the premiere, check out our post breaking down the many ways the Galactic Empire shot themselves in the foot and take a look at Bad Lip Reading’s run-through of the movies.

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