Stephen Colbert Pokes Fun At Kanye West For Boycotting The Grammys, Which He Didn’t Even Attend

It’s a testament to Kanye West’s unique brand of zeitgeist-wheelie-popping that he can grab so many headlines from an event he didn’t even attend. How so? Because Stephen Colbert — who was at the Grammys to introduce Hamilton, as he won’t let viewers forget — commented on Kanye West’s absence from the awards ceremony on Tuesday’s Late Show.

Colbert took Kanye to task for his ultra-memetic line on The Life of Pablo track “Famous,” before diving into Yeezy’s online panhandling and petitioning of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg.

“I can’t think of a better way to reach out to the founder of Facebook than the one place he’s sure to look, Twitter.”

Colbert went on to critique Kanye’s DONDA organizational chart, including his “seven screen movie experience” and “emoticon autocorrect.” Though the host admitted that he would have found the latter useful while he spent months accidentally sending the Word of the Year “laughing so hard I’m crying” emoji in place of the actual crying emoji.

“To any of my friends whose pets died or are going through a divorce, your tragedy is not hilarious to me.”

Yet Colbert did see some merit in the Kanye Cause. Imagine if Yeezy Season 4 really were diamond-encrusted wolves with wings. Take us to the glory, ‘Ye.

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