Stephen Colbert Crushed The Lackluster Shows You Can See With Your Free Ticketmaster Vouchers

Users of Ticketmaster were recently a given brief bit of excitement, followed by a great bit of disappointment. A class action lawsuit for $3.5 million enabled anyone who had used the service between 1999 and 2013 to receive a free voucher that could be used on certain shows. Unfortunately, that list of shows was highly disappointing, with zero major acts, and a whole lot of cover bands (though they have since added a few bigger names). Luckily, Stephen Colbert was there to give a voice to the dispirited Ticketmaster customers out there.

In the segment, Colbert notes that among the concerts in New York that the vouchers could be used on, three of them included a Black Sabbath tribute band, Rolling Stones tribute band, and a Guns N’ Roses tribute band. Colbert cleverly notes that if he wanted to see a lame Guns ‘N Roses cover band, he could just see Guns N’ Roses. (While Axl and Slash have momentarily buried the hatchet, those who saw the band during the Buckethead/Bumblefoot era should crack a smile at that.) The best part of the entire segment, however, might be Colbert’s ad-libbing, as he sings the opening line of Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” while (likely disingenuously) claiming to enjoy the band’s music. It’s a brief segment, but for the heartbroken Ticketmaster users out there, it’s Colbert’s way of showing he cares.