Steven Tyler Just Wanders Into A News Report To Give Advice On Winter Storm Jonas

We all know celebrities are just like you and me. They eat and sleep and poop and even get trapped in historic blizzards from time to time.

The latest example of this not-quite phenomenon revolves around Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, who happened upon a live CNN broadcast reporting on this weekend’s massive blizzard in New York City while out for a snowy stroll with his daughter Mia, and decided to add a little pizzazz.

The interview begins with Mia Tyler confessing that she’s “a bit of a badass” because she likes to ride the subway (aren’t we all though?) before her famous dad breaks some serious news by telling reporter Poppy Harlow that “the weather’s terrible.”

Perhaps if the whole rock star thing doesn’t pan out for Steven, he can make a seamless transition into meteorology.

Anyway, after Steven again enlightens the viewing audience by telling them about his “funny feeling” that the storm will keep him in New York a couple extra days, both father and daughter manage to get in a plug for Steven’s brand new single, the country anthem “Red, White and You.”

Steven also plugs his appearance on Monday’s Howard Stern Show and Mia tells Harlow that “global warming’s got us all messed up,” proving yet again that not only are celebrities just like us, you can learn something from them too.

(via Mediaite)