Stifler’s Mom: The Ultimate 90’s Experience Is The Tribute Band We’ve Been Waiting For

01.03.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

Look, I’m sure the members of Stifler’s Mom: The Ultimate 90’s Experience are perfectly decent people and their only goal is to remind us of those halcyon days known as the 1990s, back when Discmans were all the rage and it was slightly more acceptable to misspell “Lauryn Hill” with “Lauren Hill,” but their band trailer…might be the best thing ever. The props! The unironic covers! The wide shots of the crowd doing the Gwyneth Paltrow!

But the best part, as music writer Jessica Suarez points out, is the quote from a club owner that reads, “I guess the ’90s are officially back!!!” What does that even mean?!? Does club owner Ryan think we’ve gone back in time to 1993, ’cause if so, I want to buy some stock in the Gin Blossoms. One more question: Stifler’s Mom. OK, that’s actually a statement, but really, Stifler’s Mom? Stifler’s Mom. Doesn’t that just put the apple in the pie.

(Via Jessica Suarez’s Twitter)

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