Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch This Kid Hand Fart ‘The Cave’ By Mumford And Sons

Earlier, while myself and a few of the members of the UPROXX staff were emailing back and forth about this video, I was at a loss trying to figure out the best way to introduce it. But then Josh chimed in with his thoughts on the video — which features an expressionless teen performing a hand fart cover of “The Cave” by Mumford and Sons — after finally watching it: “This is the greatest video ever.” And that’s when I knew that I just had to leave it at that and get out of the way, because it is just that: the greatest. It’s the Muhammad Ali of YouTube videos. It’s so good that I’m now preparded to vote for any politician who proposes legislation mandating all Mumford and Sons covers be hand fart covers.

One last thing — the stone-faced kid who made this, the appropriately named “HandFartMaster,” has a number of other works for you to enjoy that he’s uploaded as well. Let’s make this kid famous, Internet!