Watch ‘Stranger Things’ Beloved Finn Wolfhard Cover New Order’s ‘Age Of Consent’ With All His Heart

Stranger Things was the kind of show that resonated so deeply with our internet-loving culture, that some of the stars have broken off to become characters in their own right well outside the show’s world. One such is Finn Wolfhard, aka Mike Wheeler on the show, a character who has already demonstrated a fierce love for indie rock by appearing in the video for Pup’s “Sleep In The Heat,” and is a musician himself, previously gaining the internet’s adoration for covering Nirvana.

Now, he’s back to give us all more classic rock catharsis with a passionate cover of New Order’s “Age Of Consent,” a song that will continue to appeal to teens — hell, and adults — but mostly teens, for the rest of time. The cover was part of a benefit that Wolfhard hosted in Los Angeles at the Fonda Theatre last night called Sweet Relief.

The event also included performances from Tenacious D, Sarah Silverman, Weird Al Yankovich, and a “rotating cast of rock stars covering the anthems of the ’80s.” All the proceeds of the inaugural event go to the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which “provides financial assistance to career musicians and music industry workers in need due to illness, disability or age-related problems.”

That’s a great cause, and the cover is pretty great too. Watch it above.