This Tame Impala-Style ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Brings Psychedelic Rock To The Upside Down

Much has been made about the music of Stranger Things, and for good reason: It’s an impressive piece of synthwave that seems to perfectly capture the throwback sci-fi vibes of the show. Speaking of vibes, that’s pretty much what the groove-driven psychedelic rock of Tame Impala is all about, so it makes sense that these two musical entities would work together pretty well. That hasn’t happened officially, but this fan-made version of the Stranger Things theme in the style of Kevin Parker’s group gives a good idea of what that might sound like, and I’ve heard stranger things.

Flynn Hendry’s (who is from Adelaide, Australia) reinterpretation of the song is actually pretty darn neat. It has that warped VHS feel to it, along with some distinctly Tame Impala-sounding drum fills and guitar tones that are a strong compromise between the two source aesthetics. There are a ton of Stranger Things fan tributes, but this is one of the good ones.

Given how iconic the Stranger Things theme has become, it’s been adapted in a variety of ways, and seeing this reminded me of this mash-up between (a remix of) the Stranger Things theme and Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire,” so listen to that below, and check out the Tame Impala’d Stranger Things theme above.