Music From ‘Twin Peaks’ And ‘Stranger Things’ Got The Synth-Filled Mashup They Deserve

09.06.16 2 years ago

Stranger Things hit Netflix like a wonderful, nostalgia-filled punch to the gut that no one saw coming. The adventures of a group of neighborhood kids in a spooky Indiana town was a refreshing take on the horror/sci-fi genre while simultaneously embracing and furthering the tropes we’ve come to hold so dear.

One of these tropes — the ’80s, synth-heavy soundtracks — was an absolute highlight of Stranger Things. Who didn’t love the intro with the pulsating beat and keyboards shrieking. It’s impossible not to tap your foot while waiting for a transdimensional beast to steal a kid (that’s why there have been so many odes to the theme hitting the internet).

Now, Prom Queen on Soundcloud has taken the Stranger Things theme and mixed it with a track from another delightfully weird show — “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from Twin Peaks. It works. It works really well. Listen.

And now this is the perfect time to watch Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti explain the visceral creation of “Laura Palmer’s Theme.”

Here’s the original, complete “Laura Palmer’s Theme.”

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