The Pulse: Stream This Week’s Best New Albums From J. Cole, A Perfect Circle, And More

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The Pulse is the Uproxx Music guide to the best new albums, mixtapes, and other music releases that matter this week.

It’s hard to look forward to albums nowadays since they’re so often just announced out of the blue and then released days later. Case in point: Three days ago, we didn’t know J. Cole would be putting out a new record, but three days later, K.O.D. is out into the world. This instant gratification isn’t always the case, though: It’s been a 14-year wait for A Perfect Circle’s fourth album, but now, it’s finally here. Meanwhile, there’s a new collaborative album from Sting and Shaggy. It’s 4/20, but you’re not high: This is just actually happening.

J. Cole — K.O.D.

If you think J. Cole broke his no features streak, think again: A rapper name Kill Edward is featured on a couple songs from K.O.D., but it appears that the mysterious rapper is actually J. Cole himself. It’s an ambitious album that features Cole taking shots at somebody on “1985,” and criticism of American consumerism on “ATM,” for which he also shared a surreal video.

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A Perfect Circle — Eat The Elephant

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band whose last album came over a decade ago. The good news is that it sounds like A Perfect Circle is picking up where they left off on their first album in 14 years. “Disillusioned” is an atmospheric and melancholic track with Maynard James Keenan floating over sustained piano, and the rest of the hour-long album is similarly epic.

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