Listen To This New J Dilla Collection Of Unreleased Beats Curated By Ma Dukes

While producer J Dilla passed away long before the wave of eerie 2016 deaths, his music has lived on in part thanks to a wealth of unreleased instrumentals curated by his mother, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey. This latest collection of beats, titled Jay Dee’s Ma Dukes Collection, even bears her name.

Now, “unreleased” always takes on an interesting definition when it comes to Dilla’s beats. Much like the catalog of Tupac Shakur, many of Dilla’s beat tapes have seen the light of day via massive unofficial bootlegging. While having access to so much of Dilla’s work has been a blessing to fans, it often takes the wind out the sails when it comes to these mixed and mastered official releases. But fret not, because after some, uh, “research,” it seems that, much like the work on Dillatronic, much of the work on Ma Dukes Collection should be new to Dilla fans new and old alike.

Stream the new project below