Strokes Frontman Julian Casablancas Says He Left NYC Because Of Too Many ‘White People Having Brunch’

Look, I don’t want to beat a dead horse here. It’s no secret that New York is dying. It’s become completely unaffordable for anyone who doesn’t work on Wall Street — or has some form of high-paying corporate job — and many of its hallowed establishments are vanishing and being replaced by mega-bank branches and chain drug stores. Arguably America’s greatest city is slowly losing it’s soul. But hey the squeegie men are gone (mostly)!

So anyway, I found this GQ feature on The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas amusing because he laments something about New York that’s bothered me for a while: brunch culture. Further, Casablancas hilariously cites white people brunching endlessly as a reason for his deciding to leave New York.

“I walk around New York now and get upset,” Casablancas told GQ. “I don’t know how many, like, white people having brunch I can deal with on a Saturday afternoon.”

I’m totally going to steal this too many “white people having brunch” line when discussing the death of New York going forward. Brunch is for a$sholes.

(GQ via Page Six)

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