The Strokes Are Wrapped In Mystery In Their ‘Threat Of Joy’ Video

The Strokes recently released an EP called Future Present Past. It features three songs, and a remix of one of those tracks, “OBLIVIUS.” A music video has already been released for the song “Drag Queen,” and apparently there was a plan for a music video for “OBLIVIUS.” However, according to the recently released music video for “Threat of Joy,” that music video will never see the light of day.

The latter clip begins with the ostensible shooting of the “OBLIVIUS” video. Then, some clandestine, shadowy figures show up, and the next thing you know, the director is being kidnapped and the video is being stolen. Then we see this message: “Due to circumstances we are not at liberty to discuss, we are unable to present the music video for ‘OBLIVIUS.’ Instead, please enjoy a special presentation of The Strokes in…‘Threat of Joy’.”

There is a smidgen of truth in this message, as Julian Casablancas said in an interview that the “OBLIVIUS” video got “too political” to release. Though The Strokes have made lemons from lemonade, it seems, using this as a jumping off point for a weird, mysterious music video featuring a bunch of sketchy things happening, and also a bunch of guys in suits and pig masks. We may never see a video for “OBLIVIUS,” but the “Threat of Joy” video definitely makes up for that.

(Via Noisey)