Study: Sex, Drugs And Rock-N-Roll Do In Fact Go Together


If the fact that Kid Rock and countless other disgusting-looking musicians have groupies who follow them around essentially begging them to sample their tainted lady-parts wasn’t enough evidence for you, science has come along to validate that their is some correlation between music and sex, along with drugs as well.

Yes, researchers in England made this discovery by surveying a number of 15-25 year-olds about their music-listening habits and other behaviors.

Reports the Chicago Tribune:

In the report from The Netherlands, researchers found that teens and young adults who spent a lot of time listening to loud music — already risky because of the long-term chance of hearing loss — were also more likely to smoke marijuana, binge drink and have sex without a condom.

Young people who often listed to loud music on MP3 players were twice as likely to have used pot in the last month, compared to non-risky music listeners, the research team reported in Pediatrics on Monday.

And those who were frequently exposed to music at clubs and concerts were six times more likely than people who weren’t to binge drink and twice as likely to have risky sex with inconsistent condom use. Club- and concert-goers also happened to be less likely to smoke pot than other youths.

Meanwhile, I still can’t get over the fact that the lead singer of Social Distortion can suck his own dick.

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