Multimedia Visionary Sunni Colon Is Creating His Own Universe

Confidence isn’t something that’s difficult for Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sunni Colon to conjure. He knows he’s talented but isn’t overly verbose about it. It’s refreshing for an artist to find what feels like a balance of boastfulness and humility. Plus, it doesn’t come without a level of credibility — with a degree in civil engineering from California State University, Long Beach, Sunni is able to use his understanding of space to serve as an architect for multimedia world-building.

Sunni thinks of himself as more than just a musician — he’s also an artist, a film director, and an innovator. Amongst collaboration credits with artists like Kaytranada and SebastiAn, Sunni has also contributed his signature silky ’70s R&B vibe to the soundtracks for TV shows and films like Insecure, Dear White People, and HBO’s Ballers. “The dream for me was to be in this position right now,” Sunni told Uproxx while on set for his photoshoot as a part of The Next 9 by Porsche. “My biggest dream, as a musician, is to be the greatest musician of all time. And it doesn’t have to be now, while I’m alive. It can be once I’m transported to another place. Five years from today, hopefully, I can put other people in [similar] positions.”

To get into the creative headspace, Sunni makes a point to talk to someone he admires every day, whether that be a friend, his parents, or one of his siblings. Finding inspiration from other individuals has enabled and empowered Sunni to branch out from music into other artist spaces, including film and graphic design. He even started a design agency in 2017 called Testu with a mission to create enveloping and immersive soundscape experiences. “I do love design,” he explains. “I love being able to be innovative, and inspire other folks by their viewpoint of design, break rules, and show other approaches to design and creation.”

All of these seemingly disparate influences both inform and work in tandem with one another to create a singular Sunni Colon universe.

Sunni’s multifaceted creative approach lends itself perfectly to his inclusion amongst these other innovators and trailblazers in The Next 9. It’s not difficult to picture someone listening to Sunni’s music while driving a Porsche, but it’s also not difficult to understand how Sunni the artist thinks about his work in a similar way to Porsche designers think about their own work. “I love Porsche,” he notes, excitedly. “I feel like we live on parallel planes as far as what they’ve been standing for since the beginning of the automotive industry. I think Porsche has always been about legacy and longevity, originality. Porsche has always been innovative. They’ve always created literally the best sports cars in the world. And in my industry, I strive to do the same.”

Listening to Sunni Colon’s music and engaging with his visual work, it’s clear to see that he is working toward a North Star, one that will continue to elevate the singer-songwriter.

“I want my legacy to be that I’ve always been the individual that I am always been, staying original to what I want to do.”

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