A Supergroup With Members Of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, And Queens Of The Stone Age Is About To Drop New Music

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10.06.15 3 Comments

Ten Commandos is all set to drop its first single. Who cares, right? Some band with an indefensibly lame name is releasing music. So what?

Here’s where we mention that Commandos is a supergroup that includes members of Soundgarden (Ben Shepherd, Matt Cameron), Pearl Jam (Cameron, again), Queens of the Stone Age (Alain Johannes), OFF! (Dimitri Coats) and Screaming Trees (Mark Lanegan).

Get it all out, rock fans. We have time.

The debut single “Staring Down the Dust” drops on Friday, with the rest of the album coming in November. The Ten Commandos project has been surprisingly under-the-radar, given that members have been working on it for almost two years. In an interview with the depository of all things alt-rock Alternative Nation, Lanegan discussed the songwriting process with Commandos.

“Well, when I’m writing by myself, I’m writing usually on guitar. Sometimes on the old Casio keyboard, sometimes I start with a drum machine beat, and add a synthesizer or something to it, but usually it’s with a guitar. When I write with Josh, for instance, he’s writing the music, we’re writing lyrics together. When I’m writing with Alain, he’s generally writing the music, and I’m writing the singing part, and the words. It’s always different.”

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(via Alternative Nation)

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