Suuns Launch New Album ‘Felt’ With A Video For The Celestial Synths Of ‘Watch You, Watch Me’

Montréal quartet Suuns have announced their new album Felt by sharing its lead single today. You can hear “Watch You, Watch Me” above.

“Watch You, Watch Me” sounds like a spinning satellite, skipping across the rings of a planet. It’s all forward momentum, with drums, filtered vocals and synths all blending into a single arcing tail of space dust.

The strict, clinical rhythms of their last two records, Hold/Still and Images De Futur have been replaced here with a style that sounds more like an exuberant outpouring of ideas. There’s far less restraint happening here and the band sound reinvigorated for it. There’s also remnants of the shoegazey, droned-out style they pioneered on their 2010 debut album, Zeroes QC.

The launch of the bands new single includes a video treatment for the song, directed by Russ Murphy. In a press release, Murphy explains he “wanted the video to give you that slightly odd feeling and also the uncomfortable feeling of being watched. Mainly I wanted it to be a crazy, frenetic & unsettling like the track itself.”

Murphy’s distinctive style can be seen in videos for Run The Jewels, Flying Lotus, and Earl Sweatshirt.


1. “Look No Further”
2. “X-ALT”
3. “Watch You, Watch Me”
4. “Baseline”
5. “After the Fall”
6. “Control”
6. “Make It Real”
8. “Daydream”
9. “Peace and Love”
10. “Moonbeams”
11. “Materials”

Felt arrives on 3/2 via Secretly Canadian. You can pre-order it here.