Swans Announce Final Shows, Including A Three Night Residency In Brooklyn

Swans announced last February that they were making what would be their last album, concluding their core lineup with 2016’s The Glowing Man. Shortly after this, Larkin Grimm, who formerly collaborated with Swans frontman Michael Gira, accused him of raping her in 2008 when they were working together musically.

Gira acknowledged the incident in question, refusing to identify it as rape, and needless to say, the aftermath of the situation has been hard to grapple with.

Today, the band made their dissolution even more official, announcing a string of shows that will close out their career in Brooklyn. The band released a statement on their Facebook in which they revealed that the three-night stand in Brooklyn would be the only East Coast dates on the wrap-up tour, so any fans who want to see them end it will have to make their way to New York City.

“The final Swans tour (for this exuberant and heroic iteration of the band) is in its final stages,” Gira wrote. “Of particular interest to me personally are the FINAL 3 SHOWS (AT WARSAW, IN BROOKLYN), since they take place in NYC, the womb wherein Swans was initially gestated. There will be no other East Coast shows surrounding this last stand, and this is it. Finished. I’m pleased here to announce the august and daunting artists that will accompany us on each of these three nights.”

Tickets for those final shows are available right here.