T-Pain Will Have You Eating Chicken Wings Off His Belly With ‘Bartier Cardi’ Remix

T-Pain, one of the most influential artists in pop and R&B, gives his props to rap’s new crossover queen with his “Bartier Cardi” remix. He nails Cardi B’s flow as he slyly references the original, Offset shout-outs and all. But the best part of his 90-second verse is where the Tallahassee hit-maker simultaneously calls back to his own material. Before the original’s featured artist 21 Savage boasts of putting “hot sauce on her titties,” T-Pain asks, “Who got your bitch in a Wascansin mansion, eating chicken wings off my belly? (Teddy!)” Only you, T-Pain, only you.

Veteran producer Quincy Jones recently called T-Pain out for apparently botching his performance on 2010 covers album Soul Bossa Nova. “T-Pain, man, he didn’t even pay attention to the details,” he said. (For the record, T-Pain says that he split with one of his managers at the time because he was so uncomfortable with the task at hand.) Meanwhile, Cardi, who recently performed at Madonna’s Oscars after-party, supports this new “Bartier” take — a “T-Mix,” per T-Pain himself — wholeheartedly. “Shit fireeee,” she said on Instagram, flame emojis abound.

Listen to T-Pain’s “Bartier Cardi” remix up top. Watch him vibe to it in his closet studio, per Cardi B, below.