A Teen Asked T-Pain For A Yearbook Quote And The Whole Thing Played Out Spectacularly

The senior yearbook quote is a hallowed tradition that’s been passed down through generation after generation of students in the American educational system. I can’t recall what quote I used personally. It was probably some random lyric to a song that would only cause me a tremendous amount of pain and embarrassment to share these days, but at the time, it felt like I was offering a profound statement about who I was as you embark on the journey into adulthood.

Gabriel Silvan was already thinking about what quote to use for his yearbook entry as much as six months ago. Rather than consult a work or phrase that was already out there or make something up on his own, he decided to reach out to one of the biggest names in rap T-Pain for help.

Incredibly, T-Pain responded with a note that is so vintage T-Pain that it’s incredible. “People don’t think it be like it be, but it do.”

Of course, Silvan wasn’t going to let such a tremendous sentiment go to waste, and sure enough, six months after securing the quote he came back at T-Pain with the receipts: A picture with the caption immortalized for eternity.

There’s two lessons to be learned from all of this. One: T-Pain is a profound dude. And two: It doesn’t hurt to ask from a little help from one of your heroes every once in a while.

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