Who Wants To See A Man Wearing A T-Rex Costume Dance To ‘A Chorus Line?’

With everything happening in the world right now, it’s been a heavy week. Which is not to say that we should ignore current events, or the fact that “President Trump” inches ever closer to a viable possibility, but there’s something to be said for watching something stupid on the internet and letting your cares melt away for the briefest of moments.

Speaking of “something stupid on the internet,” theater performer Michael Macilwee posted this video on Facebook this week of him dancing to a score from the famed musical A Chorus Line… wearing a T-Rex costume. Now, it’s already a well established rule of comedy that adding a T-Rex costume into an equation makes everything exponentially more funny. But when he takes it from the top about halfway into the video… Well, let’s just say I’ve watched this several times and it slays, every time.

Dance on, T-Rex man, just like I imagine your ancestors must have done hundreds of millions of years ago before a comet probably hit the earth and you all went extinct.