Tamaryn Shared An NSFW Video For Her Gloomy New Wave Single ‘Path To Love’

Tamaryn began the year by introducing her upcoming album, Dreaming The Dark, with the brooding electro pop single “Fits Of Rage.” Since then, she’s shared other previews of the album that have also found a balance between light and dark sounds, a theme she continues on her shoegaze- and new wave-inspired song “Path To Love.”

She also shared a video for the single. Directed by Alexis Penney, the clip features Tamaryn playing “The Fool,” while she’s also joined by a cast of characters credited as The Magician, The High Priestesses, The Empress, Death, The Hierophant & Devil, and The Star. Throughout the five-minute clip, they can all be seen dancing and otherwise being expressive in a variety of visually stimulating settings, like in front of Roman-style pillars overlooking the city and in colorfully lit rooms.

Also, there is some nudity in the video, so it’s probably not safe for work.

Penney wrote of the visual:

“Whether we gather to make art or food, to protest or protect, collaboration is a teacher. Meaningful solitude is vital, but we are ultimately a collective, communal species, intimately interwoven with every Other on this earth, perhaps even beyond, as the Tarot so effectively shows, and for the way this work has brought this home for me I am deeply grateful. Diversity is not a value to be sought or an optic to be curated but the defining reality of our existence on this planet. We weren’t dreamed as one homogenous blob, we were dreamed as many, plural and wildly different – queer and straight, cis and trans, black and white and every intersection of all of the categories we can conceive and construct – so I’m also deeply grateful for all those that are not like me in some way, that don’t necessarily see their face or story reflected in mine, that still pledge their energy into projects with me, and who will receive this work in spite of or even because of those differences.”

In a recent New York Times interview, Tamaryn said that her vocal style on the song was inspired by producer Jorge Elbrecht encouraging her to explore the “the pop quality” of her voice, saying with a laugh, “It could be emotionally draining to listen to it all the way through.”

Listen to “Path To Love” above.

Dreaming The Dark is out 3/22 via DERO Arcade. Pre-order it here.

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