Tamaryn Drops A Dreamy Synth-Punk Single, ‘Fits Of Rage,’ And Announces Her New Album ‘Dreaming The Dark’

New Zealand-born vocalist and songwriter Tamaryn’s music is unclassifiable — part goth-rock, part synth-pop, sometimes reminiscent of ’80s new wave but also of-the-moment contemporary. She constantly deconstructs and unsettles her own sound. If one studio LP teaches you what to expect from a Tamaryn record, the next one will sound nothing like it. She’s a chameleon, innovating within every sound she chooses to experiment with. Tamaryn has released her first new song since 2015’s Cranekiss, the soaring, seething “Fits Of Rage.”

“Fits Of Rage” is synth-driven, similar to the electro-pop leaning Cranekiss, but her sound goes even darker here. Tamaryn switches between a mellow, The Cure-esque, guitar-driven sound on the verses to hard electronic beats on the chorus. The disparate elements are anchored by her powerful, evocative voice — it’s like Tamaryn knows that all these sounds shouldn’t work together, but wants to show you why she can bewitch these discordant, dreamy-harsh sounds into something melodic and gorgeous.

“Fits Of Rage” is the first single off Tamaryn’s newly announced album Dreaming The Dark, which will be released on March 22 via DERO Arcade. You can pre-order the album and check out the tracklist here. Check out the record’s first single, “Fits Of Rage,” above.

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