Tame Impala Were Threatened With A Lawsuit Over A Sample, And Fired Back Over Instagram

Tame Impala
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Tame Impala’s new album Currents has drawn a lot of attention, most of it the good kind — the kind where people praise your album and critics like it. However, one song has drawn some negative attention, as frontman Kevin Parker has been threatened with a lawsuit over “Eventually.”

The accuser is Samm Culley of the band Skull Snaps. Perhaps you know them better as The Diplomats, which is apparently the name they went by until 1970. Either way, you probably haven’t heard of them, but you have heard their song “It’s a New Day” sampled many times over, more than likely. This is where Culley’s claims come in, as he says Parker sampled “It’s a New Day” on “Eventually.” Given the song’s history, it’s not a completely ludicrous assertion, and Culley says a musicologist will corroborate his claim, but Parker is adamant that no sampling occurred.

Parker posted an Instagram of an e-mail Culley sent him, and he provided the following comment on said Instagram post:

Not exactly the most diplomatic way of handling things, but if you felt you were being threatened with a frivolous lawsuit, you might not be in the mood for decorum either. As for “Eventually” and “It’s a New Day,” take a moment to listen to both, and decide for yourself where you stand on this whole situation.

(Via Pitchfork)