Tame Impala Are Pissed Off At A Chinese Company For Using A Knockoff Version Of Their Song

Yesterday Tame Impala took to Instagram to note that a Chinese company had used a version of one of their songs that didn’t even try to mask what a blatant rip off it was. As Consequence of Sound points out, they posted a snippet of the ad in question, above, which corresponds almost directly to a song called “The Less I Know the Better” off their extremely popular 2015 Currents. Listen to that below, and compare it to the version used in the commercial up top.

“I mean COME ON guys at least put some effort in,” the band wrote in the caption, before concluding it with “@sonyatvaustralia #Lawsuit #nowitsmyturn.” Not sure the significance of that last hashtag, but the #lawsuit bit is pretty straightforward, and tagging their publishing company to get attention is certainly one way to communicate. It seems maybe they also could’ve emailed a link? But hey, if they want to conduct this in public that’s probably what will end up getting the song pulled anyway.

Somebody at Mengniu is not going to be having a very good Monday morning, that’s for sure. The song is a dead ringer for Tame Impala’s original — even the hummed over topline vocal is similar — so this will probably be an open and shut case.