Tashaki Miyaki’s Dreamy, Neon-Filled ‘Girls On TV’ Video Was Directed By James Franco

Los Angeles band Tashaki Miyaki have made a very Los Angeles video for their very Los Angeles song “Girls On T.V.” And they got the living embodiment of L.A. to direct it, tagging none other than James Franco to handle putting the clip together.

The dreamy rock song is sung from the point of view of a narrator who craves fame and adoration more than anything in the world. And Franco translated this by having Juno Temple wander around Hollywood in a lit-up cowboy outfit while electric words danced around her. In a statement about the video, Franco says that Temple is playing an “innocent soul seeing Hollywood for the first time.” He also says that the clip is inspired by the movies Midnight Cowboy, Fallen Angels, and Electric Horseman because admitting that you think neon is dope doesn’t make for a good press release.

In all fairness to Tashaki Miyaki, the song is very, very good. Its drifting, country-inflected jangle is just the thing to get your sway on. And Franco’s choice to have the floating lyrics follow Temple around as she moves through the city with a starry-eyed stare make for a genuinely interesting music video. Check it out up top.

Tashaki Miyaki’s debut album The Dream is due out on April 7.

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