Tay Allyn Is Back With ‘Clean Ma Room’

Back in July, the Internet went cuckoo bananas over the music video for “Mass Text,” which was the debut song from a girl named Tay Allyn. To say that “Mass Text” was not well-received would be an understatement, because people immediately labeled Allyn the “next Rebecca Black” and dubbed the song a mid-year contender for the Worst Song of 2013. Well, just as movie studios re-release Oscar contenders for extra consideration, Allyn is back with her follow-up to “Mass Text,” entitled, “Clean Ma Room,” presumably so she can cement her status on a lot of year-end lists.

And if you can make it through this entire song, I think you’ll agree that she’s making her mark in a way we haven’t seen since a young man named Tay Zonday was king of YouTube.

Between “Mass Text,” her strange USC commencement speech, the acting reel and now “Clean Ma Room,” I’m trying to remember if we ever got to the bottom of what this girl’s actual gimmick is, whether she’s just trying to market herself with these zany videos or if she’s actually this bubbly high-octane sorority girl or if she’s a mega-hipster using her anti-pop music to expose the fallacies of modern entertainment.

Until she fesses up, though, I’m just going to keep believing that she wants to carve all of us up and wear our skin as pajamas.