Taylor Swift Joined Nelly For A Live Throwback Duet Of ‘Dilemma’

You might think that Taylor Swift and Nelly wouldn’t have much in common, but they have actually collaborated a few times. Swift has brought Nelly out on tour to perform songs such as “Hot in Herre” in the past. Now, the dynamic duo is back at it again, as they have performed together in that most relatable of places, a supermodel’s birthday party.

Karlie Kloss is a model with a name so improbable that it drives one to look up whether or not it is her real name (it is). She’s also one of Swift’s best friends and most trusted squad members (she appeared in “Bad Blood” if you don’t recall), so naturally Swift performed at her birthday party on Saturday. Since Taylor is the queen of the world (despite the recent mutiny), evidently she can just get Nelly to show up to perform at her whim. Although, perhaps being asked to show up at a 24-year-old former Victoria Secret model’s birthday party may not take a ton of arm-twisting.

Nelly and Swift performed the St. Lunatic’s hit “Dilemma,” with Swift taking Kelly Rowland’s part in the song. The former No. 1 hit comes from Nelly’s massive album Nellyville, which came out in 2002. You know, when Karlie Kloss was 10. Well, Swift presumably knows what her friend likes, and also apparently Nelly is pretty easy to get a hold of. They are almost a regular Captain and Tennille at this point.

(Via Billboard)